If you liked the Samsung Corby and Corby Pro, then I think you’ll also definitely like this new clamshell version of the Corby called Corby F, for Flip.

I’m actually glad about Samsung making a clamshell version of the Corby. Just the other day, I was wondering where all the clamshell phones went. Lately, it’s all about touchscreen phones and phones that look like the iPhone. I was getting tired seeing the same designs and it’s a bit refreshing to see someone deviate from the norm.

Besides, mobile phone companies should still make clamshell/flip phones because they’re one of the chic-est phone designs ever! I loooove answering a call on a flip phone, haha! It makes you look so classy when you flick that phone, haha!

Samsung Corby F features:

  • 2.6 inch screen
  • microSD slot
  • Bluetooth
  • E-dictionary
  • 3M camera
  • Comes in cute two-tone colors like Candy Pink, Lime Green and Blue Black

The Corby F has been initially launched in Korea (with a price of 600,000KRW. Converted to USD, that’s $523.80. Expensive!) or and hopefully we’ll be seeing it in other countries. If not, I guess we’ll just have to sigh and drool over another cute phone that we might never get a hold of, ever!

[ Image courtesy of Aving ]