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Every December, the dreaded task of finding appropriate gifts for your friends and family begins again. This year we’re here to help, with a list of cotton gifts that will make everyone on your list feel warm, cozy and loved. (And for the record, we would be more than happy to receive any one of these gifts.) Enjoy!

1. Recycled Cotton Backpack: $29.99

This monochrome Baggu backpack is slim and modern with the added benefit of not being made of nylon.


2. Holiday Coffee Sleeves: (DIY)

You like to be warm, cozy and comfortable when it’s cold outside. Doesn’t your coffee deserve the same treatment?

3.Reusable Gift Wrap: $10.00

Finally, something that your friends can regift without any guilt.


4. Christmas Stockings: $18.95

These cotton stockings have the benefit of looking homemade without all the hassle of actually having to make them.


5. Comfy robe: $168.00

Who doesn’t need a comfortable robe for the winter months? The recipient of this one will thank you.

cotton-robe6. Cotton Cowl: $26.00

Every female needs a cowl for the winter. This one has the added plus of looking like it costs a lot more than it does.

Cotton Cowl

7. Light, comfortable pajamas, perfect for all seasons: $110.00

Cozy cotton pajamas. YES.


8. Mittens! $12.50

These fingerless gloves will be useful to anyone on your list who owns a smartphone (read: everyone).


9. Comfy Camisoles: $32.00

A girl can never have too many camisoles. Win.


10. The.Best.Sheets.Ever — Jersey Cotton Sheets: $28.00 – $108.00

Do you own a pair of these? They are the best. Get yourself a set when you buy them for someone else this year.