Remember all the excitement and fervor you had on your birthdays as a kid, using all your strength to destroy the careful wrapping work of adults? Then using the remnants as costume material or ribbon to choke your siblings? Now that we’re older and have to practice restraint when it’s time to open gifts (either to impress the in-laws with our self control skills or because we have lost sight of all things fun), the wrapping paper ends up perfectly folded and sitting in the closet. But all that un-ripped, untainted paper, ribbons, and boxes are more than trash or just reusable wrapping: they are a gift of their own.

With Midori’s actually awesome collection of printed wrapping paper, patterned boxes and colorful ribbons, you can bring that excitement of being a destructive kid back by dressing up your home, hair and wardrobe with all those leftover supplies. Here are a few easy ways to use their fancy printed paper and ribbons for more than wrapping presents, and feel like that creative kid you once were.

This post is sponsored by Midori.