Adorable camera spotted! As usual, something as cute as this is only available and sold in Japan. Sigh. Only in Japan can adults get away with gadgets designed for kids and teens.

Anyway, Casio and Bandai (a Japanese toy-making company that’s also known for producing anime) has teamed up and created the Rilakumma Casio Exilim Camera. This camera has similar features to the Exilim EX-Z330 but instead of a plain design, it has an adorable Rilakumma logo. Rilakumma literally means “Relax Bear” (Rilaks = Relax, Kumma = Bear).

Rilakkuma Casio Exilim Features:

  • 12.1MP resolution
  • 720p24 HD video capbility
  • 3x optical zoom
  • ISO ranging from 64 to 1600

This camera also has an extra feature where you can add the “Rilakkuma” logo to your photos, and also comes with a cute Rilakumma camera pouch.

[ Image courtesy of Akihabara News ]

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