A video is making the viral rounds today that will bring nothing but sheer, unadulterated joy to your (possibly still hung over from the weekend) Monday afternoon. In it, a grown ass man screams like a little girl while his little girl squeals with joy. So maybe we should stop using the phrase “like a little girl” to describe cowardice. The fact that they’re at Dollywood somehow only makes it funnier, seeing as the ride he’s riding was built to honor a blonde (but bad ass!) country singer/songwriter with giant boobs. The rides at Dollywood are just a little bit sassier than the rest.

This is all well and good, but the most heart warming part of the video comes in the middle, when it appears that he actually has a chance to get off, but agrees to go one more time because his daughter wants to. And the world of nightmares begins anew. What a good dad! Personally, I’d probably make Grace Elizabeth go on the ride by herself no matter how much I loved her, because those kinds of rides make me want to puke. The fact that he’s willing to endure Dolly Parton‘s terrifying death dance for the sake of his kid speaks volumes about his devotion to her. And that’s why good dads are the best.

(Via Jezebel)