As you probably know, The Row–the legitimately good if not comically overpriced luxury label overseen by Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen –has been manufacturing a certain infamous accessory for a while now: their crocodile skin backpack, which comes with a pricetag in the neighborhood of $34,000 (the plain old non-crocodile one will only set you back $4000, an obvious and total bargain) (though the fur version is more).

As much as we actually like The Row’s minimal aesthetic, we think they need to get a new roulette wheel to determine prices. Theirs is clearly broken.

Anyway, as if the consumption they’re encouraging isn’t conspicuous enough, the Olsen twins recently collaborated with Damien Hirst–the visionary who put poorly preserved dead animals in boxes–to create the above piece of fine leather trolling. Here we go:

Created out of black patent leather from Nile crocodiles, the five-figure backpack is one of 12 being sold on behalf of Just One Eye, which include plain and polka-dotted versions also.

Just One Eye co-founder Paola Russo said in a statement: ‘We are longtime admirers of both Damien and The Row’s work, and our main focus here is to nurture work between artists working in different mediums.

‘We couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to debut this series of partnerships.

Signed by the artist himself, each backpack ‘blurs the line between high art and high fashion’ according to Just One Eye, and features eye-popping embellishments like Mr Hirst’s signature spots.

A portion of the proceeds will go to UNICEF, however the donation amount is ‘at Damien’s discretion,’ a representative told Refinery 29.

So. Damien Hirst tacked some fake pills on a backpack and now it’s worth $55,000. Some of the proceeds may go to charity, some may go to a new car. Other versions of the bag include colored polka dots.

Stunts like this make it hard to like the fashion industry at all, let alone take it seriously.