The other day I got a Facebook friend request. The name wasn’t familiar, so I checked the person’s profile picture to see if that would jog my memory. But instead of a picture of a person, there was a picture of an ultrasound. I don’t think I went to high school with any ultrasounds, so I should probably deny the request, right?

Plenty of my friends have kids. I like kids, as long as they’re not snotting on me or anything. But I don’t want to be friends with a fetus on Facebook. For that matter, I also don’t want to be friends with a couple making out with each other. I’m happy to be friends with two people who happen to be in a relationship with each other, but I really like individuals who each get their own picture. Posting a picture of your unborn kid and having it represent you on the internet is sort of like saying “Hi! I’m solely defined by my ability to procreate! What’s your name?”

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