As we all know by now, Brad Pitt is the newest spokesperson for Chanel No. 5. In the name of the fragrance, he released a new commercial in which he tries to be serious and wistful. The ad uses the camera to do a slow close-up on Pitt, as he waxes poetic about life and love and togetherness, I think, but winds up coming across as just kind of absurd and melodramatic:

[youtube_iframe id=”mGs4CjeJiJQ”]

So, that happened. The weirdest thing about the video is that Pitt is usually kind of compelling. The fact that he’s gazing off into the distance and saying random shit and not even really selling it isn’t like him. Has Jolie put him up to this? Is this like how Tom Brady now models for Uggs and it’s probably because Gisele encouraged it?

Either way, the ad not only doesn’t make me like Pitt very much, it also doesn’t particularly make me want to buy Chanel No. 5. Not that I’ve ever really seen a perfume ad that made me want to buy the perfume, but some are worse than others. This one makes absolutely little to no sense. Just for fun, let’s deconstruct it, line by line: