Earlier today, we talked about how to dress in pink without looking like Barbie. It’s a worthwhile thing to know how to do: assuming you don’t work for Betsey Johnson, only a scant number of offices would allow you to get away with a full-on Barbie imitation.

But when considering using pink, there’s another area in which caution must be applied: the home. Why? Because as much as you don’t want your co-workers to think you’re dressing like an oppressive 1950’s doll, you also don’t want them to think that you live in that doll’s Dream House.

Which is why it’s so surprising to see the above living room featured on the front page of Elle Decor. The room is owned by Alexis and Trevor Traina of San Francisco, and it’s not the only pink space in their house — the bedroom is also bedecked in pink toille. What makes it work, in my humble opinion, is that it’s just a few statement pieces in bright pink, and the rest is relatively subdued. However, over at the far right, I can’t help but notice another episode of pink toille in the form of a curtain. I wonder if, when viewed as a whole, that actually overpowers the room and makes it too much pink.

It’s a fine line, ladies, a fine line.

What do you think about the look?