There are a few things you should be before you hop onto your Facebook page every morning, you social media addict. Have some coffee, if you drink it. Have a bowl of cereal. Take a shower.

In other words, wake the fuck up before you begin thinking about what kinds of clever one-liners you might unleash upon the world today via your Facebook feed. I just think that’s good practice. And that’s one reason why I think this Facebook shower curtain is the worst thing ever.

The curtain is made by a company called Spinning Hat, and is available for about $23. Yes, for 23 measly dollars, you can have absolutely all of your private time (or sexytime) infringed upon by the corporate conglomerate that is Facebook. The social networking site already knows where you work, where you live, what you look like when you’re drunk as well as when you’re politely posed at Thanksgiving dinner, and probably where you are at this very moment. So why not have it infiltrate your brain at every waking hour, including while you’re naked and sopping wet? No such thing as too much Mark Zuckerberg.