The title pretty much says it all.

Dell has recently released their new laptop called the Dell Latitude Z600, and as the title says, the most interesting feature of this laptop is the wireless charging feature.

You can buy an induction charging pad (not included in package, will cost an additional $200) and charge the Z600 without any wires.

Dell is also boasting about the Z600’s “Always On” feature where the Z600 can be kept in standby more for up to 12 hours, and while it’s on standby, it’s able to process tasks. Like for example, while it’s on standby, it can still retrieve your emails.

The Dell Z600 also has this feature called Face Aware where the laptop recognizes if you move away from the laptop (via the webcam) and automatically locks the laptop.

The Dell Z600 has a pretty interesting design, too. It has an angled edge where you can find a port (is that ethernet port or a USB port?).

As grand as the Z600 looks, so is the price! It’s going to have a starting price of $2000. High end laptop, I must say!


[ Image courtesy of Dell ]

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