Once upon a time, Domino was a favorite glossy among those who liked to redecorate but didn’t have a budget of $15,000 with which to do so (hi, Elle Decor!). When the magazine folded in 2009, its audience was downright devastated, and many of us have yet to find a really good replacement.

Well, it’s time to throw a small but tasteful dinner party — Domino is releasing a special edition called Quick Fixes in April. The magazine will incorporate older, popular stories with new content. Susan Portnoy, vice president of corporate communications and digital strategy at Conde Nast, told the L.A. Times that, “The best thing about the magazine will remain the same — all the great ways that you can make a big difference without a huge amount of time and effort.”

And while the special edition isn’t signaling a return of the beloved design rag, it might be followed by another edition in the fall.

[via Jezebel]