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Desperate Housewives episode 4.12 “In Buddy’s Eyes” had me laughing several times as I watched it last night. As the spoilers said, one of the DH guys did indeed get naked and it was none other than Orson Hodge! The episode was filled with some twist and turns that I did not expect and some moments that were a little bit predictable, but then again, I do read all of the spoilers, lol!

Here’s the 4.12 recap:

Gabby and Carlos:

Oh Gabby, Gabby, Gabby…she was up to her same ‘ol self in this episode and I loved it! Just as I expected, Gabby is having some issues with adjusting to Carlos’ blindness. It seems that everyone else on Wisteria Lane is eager and willing to help Carlos, except Gabby. She sees him as a handicap to her, until the end.

It all starts with Gabby having to shop where the “poor people” do. She runs into Lynette who also shops where the poor people do, and Gabby is walking in very high heels across the parking lot and she is just tired. Gabby then notices all the empty handicapped parking spaces and says to Lynette what a waste those are. Lynette asks if she has one of those blue tags for Carlos and Gabby says she thought those were only for people in wheel chairs. Lynette says she is pretty sure that blind people can get a handicapped sign also. That’s when we see the light bulb go off in Gabby’s head.

Without Carlos knowing, Gabby gets a blue handicapped tag for the car. She is in the parking lot putting her groceries in the car when a man in a wheelchair comes up to her and points out that she isn’t handicapped. He says he had to park all the way in the back. Gabby tells him to stop complaining because she has to walk in high heels all day while he gets to roll everywhere. My favorite line is when he says, “You did NOT just say that!” He tries to call the police on her and she wrestles the phone away from him. Another man in a wheel chair comes up and he then leaves to go get a security guard. As Gabby is wrestling the phone away from the man, she then pushes him down the parking lot and he goes rolling away. Gabby then says, “I am definitely going to hell.”

Gabby realizes that in order to get her errands done quick and be able to park in that supremo spot, she needs to come up with a different plan. She decided to coax Carlos to come with her making him think he’s getting out for a day of fun when really, she leaves him in the car everywhere while she runs her errands. That way, there is a handicapped person in the car and she can park in her new favorite spot.

She left Carlos for too long while she got her nails done and he had some kid take him to get a hamburger. When Gabby comes out, Carlos is gone and she starts freaking out. She finds Carlos, he smells nail polish and then realizes that she’s been using him to park in the handicapped spot.

Gabby then tells him how much his blindness has changed her life too, for example, always having to be worried if she left the toothpaste in the right spot so that Carlos can find it, and she says she had no idea that this is what it was going to be like.

Later, they are at home getting ready for the Founders Ball and Carlos apologizes for how tough things are. Gabby tells him that because it’s him, it is all worth it. She loves him even through his blindness and is willing to do what it takes to make this work. They have a very loving moment between the two of them and at the time, it seems that things will work out for Carlos and Gabby.

The rest of the recap is below the cut.

Bree and Katharine:

The whole situation between Bree and Katharine turned out to be very interesting indeed! It all started when the ladies were all having lunch and Bree mentioned the Founders Ball that she was planning, which she has done so for the last 8 years. Katharine offers her help and everyone is shocked when Bree excepts her help. They all mention how the two are going to kill each other and Bree tells them that things will work out just fine.

And of course, there are some bumps along the way. Bree wants to do everything the traditional way and Katharine wants to mix things up a bit. Bree gives in, reluctantly, until she is at the Founders Ball and Katharine has changed the menu, taken over presenting the Founders Ball award (which Bree does every year) and one of the cook’s calls Katharine Bree’s boss. That’s when Bree snaps!

One of the cooks brings a dip over and tells Bree that they have had a refrigeration problem and the dip is bad. Bree was about to throw it out when in walks Katharine. Katherine has insisted that nothing leaves the kitchen without her tasting it first. Bree lets her taste the bad dip and a few minutes later we can see Katharine heading to the bathroom not looking so good. Bree walks into the bathroom and Katharine is throwing up and looking a bit rough. Bree offers to present the award since she is the one that always does it and Katharine puts her foot down and says this is very important to her. Bree is ticked off!

She is sitting at the table while Katharine is up on stage and is venting to Lynette about Katharine and then Katharine announces the winner of this years Founders Ball Award – “And the award goes to Bree Hodge. Bree has been a pillar in this community...” The look on Bree’s face is priceless.

As Bree goes up on stage her and Katharine hug and Katharine whispers in her ear, “I know you tried to poison me.”

After the ball is over Bree and Katharine have a heart to heart talk. Bree is trying to explain why it is so hard for her to be Katharine’s friend. She says that she is the domestic one in the group,that she is the one who knows how many tines a salad fork has and that she doesn’t know if she can be Katharine’s friend because they are so much alike in that way. Katharine tells her that the fact they are so much alike she mean that it’s easy for them to be friends. She told Bree that she understand her better than anyone else.

At the end of the show, Bree and Katharine both come out of their houses and wave to each other. Know we all will be kept guessing is this friendship can work.

Lynette, Tom and Rick:

Yes, Rick is back and opening a restaurant “Rick’s” right around the corner. He shows up at Lynette and Tom’s restaurant to bring them a bottle of wine and to gloat about his new place. He even solicits a customer by handing out a business card while he’s there. Boy did that make Tom mad!!

Later, Tom shows up late at home and Lynette is upset because he was supposed to be home at 8 to help her get the kids “wrangled up for bath time” and he doesn’t come home until after 11. He tells her he was preparing a new recipe that was going to beat Rick’s and he was totally pumped about it!

The next day the police come by their house because someone had thrown a brick through the window of Rick’s. They wanted to know if they had seen any unusual activity and Tom says no and that he was home by 8 to help Lynette with the kids. Lynette is taken off guard and lies to the police for Tom. She then tries to question Tom but he hurries out for the lunch rush at the restaurant.

She later stops by the restaurant to confront Tom about lying to the police. Tom swears he just went by to see how construction was going and there was this pile of bricks. He just couldn’t control his anger and yes, he did throw the brick through the window.

Lynette and Tom get into an argument about Rick and Lynette tells him that it’s all in the past, it’s over and besides, she swears nothing happened between them. Tom tells her that it’s not over for him and that what happened with Rick has now changed the way he looks at Lynette. Ouch!

Lynette is at the Founder’s ball when she received a phone call that Rick’s place is on fire. She looks at the seat where Tom is supposed to be and he’s not there. She later sees him walk in and he looks all nervous, like he has been up to something.

The newspaper the next morning is reporting the fire and it says they suspect arson was involved. Hmmmmm….

Mike, Orson and Susan:

Mike invited Orson to rehab to come see him. Orson is assuming that Mike has remembered something about Orson is he is really nervous. It ends up that Mike apologizes to Orson and asks for his forgiveness. Orson walks out of the room very glad that that’s all it was and that Mike hadn’t remembered that he was the one who ran him over.

Orson’s secret is starting to eat at him and he starts sleep walking, naked in Susan’s kitchen. Susan comes down stairs for a late night piece of cake and there is Orson sitting on her kitchen stool, completely naked. She doesn’t realize he is sleep walking and when she confronts him about it the next morning, Bree and Orson start laughing and say that Susan has had a naughty dream about Orson. They say it’s understandable with Mike being gone and all. Bree suggest a hot bath and a romance novel. Susan isn’t too happy about that comment!

The next night, Susan sees the front door open and there’s Orson, on the front lawn completely naked. He is muttering something about Mike and Susan realized that he is sleep walking. She slaps Orson and he comes too and asks what is going on. Susan tells him he is sleep walking and points down um, there, and he sees that he is indeed completely nude. He runs inside and later we see him wrapped in a blanket and him and Susan are talking about the incident. She ask him if something has been bothering him and she mentions that he said something about Mike. He then tells her he thinks it’s time for him and Bree to move out and Susan asks him if he can start wearing boxers to bed because she does have a teenage daughter.

Julie and Dylan:

Julie convinces Dylan to go to the Founders Ball and Dylan ends up having a great time. When Julie gets home from the ball, she walks in and Orson is sitting on the steps. She ask him not to tell her mother that she is late and he starts muttering again. He then says, “I’m sorry I ran you over Mike” and Julie heard it as plain as day.

At the Founders Ball, Dylan gets her picture taken with her mom Katharine and it comes out in the paper the next day. The show ends with someone sitting at a table, opening up the paper and circling Dylan’s face with a red marker.

We also see Julie standing behind Orson glaring at him because she now knows his secret.

Recap Questions:

  • Will Bree and Katharine make it as friends?
  • Will Gabby be more understanding to Carlos?
  • Will Lynette confront Tom about the fire and go to the police?
  • Will Orson finally come clean about running Mike over and why he did it?
  • Will Julie confront Orson about what he said or will she go to Mike and Susan first?
  • Who was the person that circled Dylan’s face with a red marker in the newspaper?