“Desperate Housewives” Season 6, episode 2, “Being Alive”
Air date: Oct. 4, 2009

As y’all probably know by now, I’m doing a new thing with the Twitterin’ during the show and all. If you’re interested in following, then….follow! Here! And here and here!

I’m pretty nutso/insane (or…Krazy Katherine?) about it, and moooore than anything, I love being able to immediately hear from you guys.

I watched alone tonight, and maaaaan is this season starting off well. I wasn’t in love with the premiere, but this episode really got me looking forward to Season 6. On with the Twittery! (A reminder: These aren’t the exact tweets from during the show. I’ve elaborated on a few, corrected my stupid typos, and possibly made them funnier.)

9:00: Hello ‘wives fans!!! We’re ON!!!
9:02: Oh, this is GREAT. We’re embracing all ages with Roy and Mrs. McCluskey and I don’t mean the 18-and-up crowd.
9:07: Why is Gaby giving Ana advice on guys? Ana has got to be the more gorgeous girl in her high school…
9:08: “Martha Freakin’ Stewart, eh?” The Bolens are just such a breath of…some sort of air.
9:09: Uh oh, Danny was out last night. The more I look at him, the more I realize he looks like a vampire. Is EVERYONE doing that nowadays??
9:10: Lynette’s stalling on telling the Baby Matt Damons/other weird-looking redheaded children that she’s pregnant. Why?
9:10: “Wow, you’re really into this.” — Lynette, to Tom, about the twins in her uterus.
9:12: “It’s not as if it’s gonna last.” — Katherine, to Orson, about Mike and Susan. YES. Krazy Katherine is definitely here to stay.
9:13: “God, you’re a pig. Kiss me.” — Bree. Whoever thought Karl could be good for someone?

9:14: Oh yeah. Karl’s Julie’s dad. I almost forgot he slept with 47 percent of the women on the street. He’s ALMOST the biggest slut on the show. Oh wait, Edie’s off the show.
9:17: I’m so, so, so happy to see all of these men. Bob, Lee, Orson, Carlos, Tom. All at once. It’s been a long time, boys. You look good.
9:18: Yeah, Vampire Danny didn’t do this. We’re supposed to think it’s him. @AnneCecile thinks it’s Nick. I buy that…
9:19: Drea’s accent is the only good one out of that family. The other two sound like they’re from Boston.
9:20: “Who hates you?” — Roy. “All the gays guys. I’ve said stuff.” — Mrs. McCluskey. Not OK, and yet, I love her so. How come?
9:20: AHH!!! THEY SHOWER TOGETHER!! This……..gives me a lot of hope for the future. Yes, I said it. I hope to be Mrs. McCluskey when I grow up.
9:22: Man, I know you’re going through a rough time, Lynette, and Julie’s in the hospital on the account of her strangulation and all, but your hair looks GREAT.
9:22: Oh, man. Julie’s pregnant. We knew this from the preview, but…..wow.
9:26: Why would Julie be telling Lynette that she might be pregnant? I didn’t know they were so close…?
9:27: Dear Nick Bolen: You’ve earned yourself the distinction of being the least attractive man on the street. Unfortunate.
9:28: OMG, I love Katherine so much more now that she’s crazy. I actually HOPE for her to be on the screen. That’s never happened before.
9:29: Ana hanging out with Danny Bolen, eh? This is like “Desperate Housewives: 90210 Edition.”
9:30: So, um, Bree, Karl and Susan in the room together. By the transitive property of geometry, they’ve all slept together.
9:31: YES. Julie wakes up AS BREE AND KARL ARE KISSING. Top moment of the show this season, hands down. (I know, I know.)
9:33: I’m loving this show a bajillionmillion times more than last week’s. Am I alone on this?
9:35: Well, there’s that. Julie’s not pregnant.
9:36: And there’s my answer for why Julie told Lynette…
9:37: Oh, Susan, seeeeeriously? “Complicated” doesn’t mean that Julie was in trouble. We’re all in “complicated” relationships…
9:37: HA! Gaby doesn’t remember she has kids. Amazing.
9:38: YES, Gaby! CLIMB it!
9:39: So Ana’s lying about sneaking out? Covering for Danny? Meaning the “complicated” is a love triangle between Ana/Danny/Julie?
9:39: Total aside: I LOVE Ana’s shirt.
9:40: Um…I’m thinking Ana might have attacked Julie??
9:42: “Another Desperate Housewife”, sponsored by Sprint. No. No. NO. I don’t support this!
9:47: Orson and Katherine talking is making me realize that they’d make the BEST couple. A….koupla krazies….
9:49: “I don’t…..know how I’m going to do this whole baby thing again.” — Lynette. She almost told Susan she didn’t want them…
9:50: Susan is encouraging Lynette to do what she thinks she “needs to do.” At least SOMEONE is reminding Lynette of this.
9:57: Sappy music + Bree cross-stitching = Bree feeling bad for Susan…or Karl?
9:57:….and she takes the hotel key. Guess she’s feeling bad for Karl.
9:58: The first confrontation with the Bolens. Gaby’s telling Angie that they lied. And Mrs. McCluskey is watching. She’s ALWAYS watching.
9:59: “How does a fish get caught?” “It opens its mouth.” Good line, writers.
10:01: I figured it out! Danny reminds me of Robert Pattinson….I don’t think I mean that as a compliment.
10:02: This was a GREAT episode. Totally better than last week’s. We got more Bolen, more previously unseen characters and more mystery!