Is this a collector’s edition cover for Desperate Housewives fans or what?!? For the first time since season 1 of DH, the Wisteria Lane ladies have posed all together for a magazine shoot. What’s up with that?

You can get your hands on this TV Guide issue on stands, Thursday, September 25th.

Marc Cherry spoke up again in this issue about the 5 year flash forward and gave credit where credit is due. He says, “The idea for the five-year jump on Desperate Housewives really came from the executive producers of Lost. I’m actually doing something unheard of in Hollywood .  I’m giving credit where credit is due.” Well, isn’t that the truth!

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He goes on to say, “We didn’t need to do this, we wanted to do this.  It’s given us all a new lease on life.  We’re treating the season premiere like a pilot, as if we’re meeting these women all over again.”

And for everyone who ends up not liking the premiere, Marc has a few words of advice for you.

“For those of you who tune in to our season premiere and aren’t absolutely thrilled with what we’ve come up with, I have a suggestion:  Send your complaints to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, the executive producers of Lost.  After all, they’re the ones to blame.”

I am sure the Lost people are thrilled he said that, lol. I don’t think many will be disappointed with what they’ve done.

There is a fantastic article in this TV Guide issue with quite a bit of DH scoop. I’ll be picking up mine!

Source and Image Credit: TV Guide