If you could pick one character from Desperate Housewives to be your date for Valentine’s Day, who would it be? Would it be Tom Scavo or maybe Gabrielle Solis. Pick your Valentine and tell me why you chose them.

Desperate Housewives Girls:

teri-hatcher-desperate-housewives-01 eva-longoria-desperate-housewives-picture

                   Susan                                            Gabrielle

felicity-huffman-desperate-housewives-picture marcia-cross-desperate-housewives-picture

                    Lynette                                          Bree

The rest of the cast is below the cut.

dana-delaney-desperate-housewives-pictures  nicollette-sheridan-desperate-housewives-pictures

                  Katherine                                             Edie

Desperate Housewives Guys:

 james-denton-desperate-housewives-pictures-01 desperate-housewives-pictures-01

                     Mike                                               Carlos

desperate-housewives-pictures-02  desperate-housewives-pictures-03

                   Tom                                                Orson



The b5media Entertainment Channel is doing a little Survivor Contest and this week it’s all about Valentines Day. Here are some other Valentine posts from around the channel. Stop by, say hi and please comment!


Pictures via ABC