You guys aren’t going to believe this. I not only managed to convince (Not)Neighbor Peggy to come watch the show with me tonight, but Friend Erin’s back, too! If you remember from last season, Friend Erin is one of those blind-support fans. By “blind support,” I mean she’s got a friend who runs a “Desperate Housewives” blog, so she’s started watching the show.

We’re in love with this season. It’s just so, so good. It’s like Season 1 all over again. Let me know your picks for winners and losers, and check back later to see who made that list!!

So why am I wasting all this time babbling? Go go go!

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8:58: Goooooood evening Desperate Housewives fans!! How are we doing tonight?
9:01: Yes! Bree’s been usurped by Katherine’s craziness.
9:02: ….but she’s obviously still in love…..with Mike?
9:02: “And then he’ll dump Susan and beg ME to take him back,” — Katherine.
9:03: Bree’s ditching the Krazy for her “real” lover!
9:04: Oh, we’re seeing some love between Angie and Nick. That’s a first?
9:05: ….and Danny wants to quit school (to practice his vampirey?)
9:05: Danny gets “sloppy” when he gets unhappy? What does THAT mean?
9:05: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang boobs.
9:06: “The Supremes are back.” — Tom
9:07: Ha! Bennie and the Jets are excited about the Supremes. Buh-buh-buh-Bennie and the Jets.
9:08: I just saw John walk Ana up to the door and started chanting “ohmigawdohmigawdohmigawd.”
9:08: ANDREW’S BACK!!! Oh, how I’ve missed you.

9:10: Susan’s learning that OTHER people know more about her daughter than she does.
9:11: Julie’s sleeping with a married man? ….Nick??
9:14: Gaby’s FULL OF THE BEST LINES IN THE WORLD. “That’s not where the lock is going,” to Ana, presumably about her chastity belt.
9:15: (Not) Neighbor Peggy and I are arguing about Angie Bolen’s high-waisted pants in this scene. I think she looks fantastic. Peggy does NOT.
9:16: Tom and Porter both look like they’ve lost weight. Am I crazy, or, as Peggy said, “Maybe you got a wider TV without noticing?”
9:17: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang boobs.
9:18: Carlos looks skinnier, too. Odd that Lynette’s the only one who DOESN’T look narrower to me? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang boobs!
9:19: Also, Carlos is a PIG.
9:23: Susan learned that Julie was dating someone she referred to by “D”. D….D…..Who’s D?
9:24: Question: Is it better for Susan to be so out of Julie’s life she doesn’t know her, or like she was when she was 13 and they were bffs?
9:25: Ah, so convenient that Julie doesn’t remember anything. Funny how that verrrry thing happened to Mike…
9:28: Bree …. has phone sex? What happened the NRA woman who wouldn’t let, um, certain things happen in the bedroom?
9:29: “I’m not sick,” — Krazy Katherine. “Yes, you are.” — Bree
9:30: So let me get this straight: Carlos is discriminating against pregnant women. And pimping out Lynette’s boobs. “Buy yourself a new dress.”
9:32: John using Ana to manipulate Gaby? Aaammazing!
9:32: And…that’s that. John kissing Gaby?? I couldn’t be happier about this. Carlos, quite frankly, deserves this!
9:39: Do we believe that Gaby doesn’t have feelings for John anymore?
9:39: Hmm…an explosion caused those scars, hey?
9:44: Carlos is pressuring Lynette to show her Supremes to get business…I …do…not….like…this…..
9:45: Peggy: “Awesome college party with skeevy dad scamming on teenagers.”
9:45: Danny knows what about his father? What does Danny know?? What does he know?????
9:46: “My name is Tom Scavo and I like big breasts.”
9:48: So…what I’m getting out of this little chat between Tom and Lynette is that…small boobs are a flaw??
9:49: We’re back to 2004. Lynette’s fighting for dignity at her job. Carlos is a pig and comes home late.
9:49: ….and Gaby’s happy. No John Rowland affair? Is that it? Please, DH gods, may that not be it!
9:54: Well, it looks like Katherine’s got SOME grip on reality.
9:55: …or not? [ Amy squeezes her eyes shut and prays for a cake mess ]
9:57: We’ve got three minutes. Three minutes! I need to know who the married man is, Julie! Talk faster!
9:58: Dye your hair? Is that….what you call a mistake, Susan?
9:58: Also, I’m faaaaaairly certain that Susan’s done worse than date a married man.
9:59: Katherine, in a scary demon voice: “YOU are NOT my friend.” Then she turns to the priest and says, “Your mother’s in here with us…..” And then throws up pea soup on Bree’s pretty dress.
10:00: A nervous breakdown, Mary Alice? Is being psychotically obsessed with your ex and ruining someone’s wedding cake anything less than crazy??
10:01: Dominic! Yes! D! So that’s the fight we saw between Danny and Julie, probably?