“Desperate Housewives” Season 6, episode 5: “Everybody Ought to Have a Maid”
Air date: Oct. 25, 2009

This season continues to get better and better. The stories all are interesting, and even though I don’t have a super great amount of love for the Bolens year (no one seems to fit..Angie doesn’t have the right chemistry to fit with the rest of the ladies, I don’t buy the Danny/Dominic + Julie affair, and poor Nick, he’s — well, he’s just in the wrong show. More bloodsucking, less desperation).

Peggy, the not-neighbor friend watched the show with me, and you can follow along next Sunday on Twitter @DesperateBlog (or here!!!)

On with the DHness!!

9:59: Is it bad that the hair on my arm raises when I hear “Welcome home, ______ family!” ?? Because it means it’s DH time!!!
10:00: The “previously on” has shown everything I want to see in this episode!!
10:01: Whoooooa, Gaby. That shirt is SO CUTE. I want it!
10:03: “Honey, do that thing where you run into a wall.” – Gaby. She’s such a good mother.
10:04: This is QUITE the welcome party Julie’s getting for not being dead. Mike didn’t get any such party.
10:04: …he just got Edie.
10:05: Dirty look for Dominic?
10:05: It’s weird to see Angie in the group, isn’t it?
10:06: Mike doesn’t want Susan to pour gasoline on the fire that is Krazy Katherine. I totally disagree.
10:08: “If I ever see you two together, I’m going to tell mom.” — Vampire Nick. Danny …..smiles…..?
10:09: Angie is NOT the type to be oblivious to her husband’s crap, hey?
10:10: “Getting the picture isn’t the problem, it’s getting rid of it.” — Lynette, about Roy’s old downtheres.

10:11: Uh oh, maid at the Hotel L’Affair is gettin’ all judgy on Bree.
10:15: “Now just shut up and fork over some cash.” — Gaby
10:19: Wait a minute: Is Bree getting advice from her HUSBAND about how to deal with the judgy maid at Hotel L’Affair?
10:24: “I don’t have any weed, lady.” — Jamaican maid
10:25: Why are we caring so much about what the Jamaican maid thinks about us, Bree? Jamaid! Ha!
10:26: “Owned. Bree got owned by the Jamaid.” — (Not)Neighbor Peggy
10:27: Did Roy just tell Lynette she needed a bell?
10:29: “She looks really well-rested for someone who hasn’t been able to sleep.” – Peggy
10:31: As ridiculous as Susan smooch-for-the-world fest was, I like that Mike accepts her for who she is.
10:32: “My laundry is clean, folded and put away, you loon.” – Susan. You should’ve heard the extremely loud “HA!” I just made. Loud. The girl who works at the winery heard it next door, no doubt.
10:32: “He’s snaking a ladies drain, OK??” OOooooooooohh, I get it, now, Susan.
10:37: Let’s take a guess what’s going to happen at this party…some child-related injury?
10:39: Jamaid’s pretty wise.
10:40: Our responses when we saw Bree’s cleavage in the mirror: “Ewww,” — me. “Whoaaaa,” — Not(Neighbor) Peggy
10:41: Peggy keeps saying that Bree’s not interested in keeping Orson. Is this true? I’m still confused about their relationship.
10:42: Gaby and Susan drinking margaritas …. while the monkey kills the clown?
10:48: Is this when Tom looks to Roy to help him be less easily whipped?
10:48: Aw, no. Instead, he’s supporting his wife. Again. Seriously, Tom, where do you grow?
10:49: “You’re a good man, Scavo.” — Roy. You’re not wrong, sir, you’re not wrong.
10:49: Carlos and Gaby showing love? I miss that!
10:51: Oh, hey, Susan. What’s up? You’re….not wearin’ much, are you?
10:51: Susan…shot Katherine. YES.
10:57 Nothing says “emasculate me” like, hey, baby, will you unload this gun?
10:59: Speaking of bad moves, Angie…using Katherine to manipulate? She might be krazier than any situation the Bolens are hiding from….
10:02: The “next time on” TOOOOOLD me it was going to be surprising, but it didn’t SHOW me. Where are the English teachers screaming “SHOW, don’t tell!”??

That’s aalllll, DH kids! Any ideas for winners? Losers? No? How about the newly branded Linner/Woser category?