We’re getting cloooooser!! Two and a half weeks left until the season premiere!


OK, after analyzing this promo SEVERAL TIMES, I believe the leg that the garter is going on is Katherine’s. I do NOT believe, however, that’s she under the veil. Well, she’s obviously in a wedding dress. By “under the veil” I mean that she’s getting married to Mike. There’s no way that Katherine and Mike will get married. Just. No. Way.

Sneak peek number one:


“I just want this affair to be nice.”

Ahhh, yes. Leave it to Bree to dictate how her ADULTERY is going to go. I love it. I also love how, somehow, in the end, Karl’s managed to take back the control. How’d that happen?

Sneak peek number two:


I LOVE Gaby as the pseudo-mother of a teenage daughter — a teenager, I might add, who’s just as Gabyish, if not more, than Gaby herself probably was. Also, I’ve never been a huge Carlos fan, but is it just me or is he looking REALLY pretty in this sneak peek?