It’s hard to know exactly when the idea of frenemies became a norm in pop culture. Was it with the premiere of “Laguna Beach,” which then morphed into “The Hills”? Or was it well before then, like centuries ago, when Pilgrim women would thwart one another by swapping each others’ starch out for flour? (That happened.)

Either way, it’s part of our cultural lexicon now, and in a new video from Funny or Die, it’s immortalized as two ladies duke it out under a veneer of kindness at a Pilates class.

I will say that the only maneuver I really recognize here is in the beginning, when the women pretend to be super stoked to see each other. I will cop to having done that. I pretend to be happy to see people that I’m not really happy to see. There. I said it. But sometimes, like in a group exercise environment, there’s really nothing else you can do! If you’re going to be on a reformer next to a person you know, you have to make nice.

Anyway, this video ends with the girls calling each other cunts, which we’ve probably all wanted to do at some point. But do you have frenemies? If so, share in the comments.

[funnyordie video=”2e0aa2ae3d”]