Last year, around this time, we hosted a theme week on regrets (regretting everything, specifically). It was made of part-reader submissions and part-stuff from us editors. Here’s how Jennifer described it:

A recent study polled 370 men and women – ages 19 to 103 – and asked them what their biggest regret was. 20% said relationship issues, family troubles came in a close second at 16%, followed by educational shortcomings (13%) and career failures (12%).

Those sound so awesome we want to know more! We want to hear about them in detail! So, next week, we’ll be hosting “I Regret Everything Week” at TheGloss. We’ll be featuring essays where some of our columnists tell you their worsts regrets, and I’ll be revealing my deep dark secret (the midget is the baby’s daddy!) If you have a story about a great regret you want to share in 600-800 words, we want to hear from you. Contact Ashley or I at Jennifer [at] or Ashley [at] It’ll be cathartic, maybe?

Of course, the important takeaway from this is… next week is round 2 and if you regret not participating last time, now’s your chance to write in with all your stories about missed opportunities, dumb decisions, bad calls and things you wish you could change. Do like Jen says and send one of us an e-mail.

UPDATE: Oh! I forgot! We’re sweetening the deal by putting the reader submissions to a vote. Whoever wins gets a very awesome pair of Lumete sunglasses… but more on that later!