16 Candles

If you woke up this morning and found yourself thinking, Dude, I really need to see a man and his dog recreating romantic scenes from famous movies, then today is your lucky day. And only today. That’s a really specific idea to have first thing in the morning, and I wouldn’t get your hopes up if you think this is going to happen to you more than once.

Chris Naka, a 30-year-old member of Chicago’s Blue Man Group, rightfully decided that this world would be a better place if he were to do the upside-down Spider-Man kiss while his dog played Kirsten Dunst. He and Wrigley, 13, have become quite the internet sensation with their recreation of the famous poster for Brokeback Mountain. And that scene in Sixteen Candles where Molly Ringwald kisses Jake Ryan over an open flame. And the “I’m flying, Jack! I’m flying!” scene from right before Titanic becomes depressing.


Naka talked with Today.com about the photos, and it’s possible that his interview is even cuter than Wrigley:

The theatre company is an amazing place to work. We started taking the photos during the  last give minutes of our lunch and it just took off from there. Someone printed a bunch of our early pictures, posted them in the green room, and folks from all over the theater started sending emails with movie suggestions.

Unfortunately, he goes on to explain that the pictures are slobbery tongue-in-cheek and that he is not, contrary to popular belief, in a relationship with his dog. Disappointing. According to Naka,

There really isn’t a great reason for choosing romantic movies. Once we started with Titanic, it just made sense to continue the trend. Really though, the romance photos were so hilarious and kind of bizarre. We just planned to keep going until we ran out of ideas.

Dirty Dancing

Props to Chris and Wrigley for their creativity. Props to the internet for introducing me to them. Don’t even act like you’re not in a much better mood after seeing these. Props for everyone!

Via Today / Photos: Wrigley at the Movie imgur