Want to adopt a dog, but not sure if there’s one out there that looks sufficiently like you to satisfy your raging megalomania? A website called Doggelganger is here to help with its “human to canine pairing software, designed to connect real homeless dogs to their human doubles.”

Created by the advertising agency Colenso BBDO, Doggelganger uses facial recognition technology to match up would-be dog parents with similar-looking homeless dogs. (Homeless dog info is provided by the Pedigree Adoption Drive.) It’s only for New Zealanders right now, but it’s cool enough that it may very well spread to the States soon. It might seem like a silly concept at first, but anything that gets people thinking and talking about dog adoption is actually doing something pretty important.

There’s just one problem: it doesn’t work very well! Desperate to find out which kiwi dog I should cry about not being able to adopt, I tried to upload a nice neutral-faced webcam photo, and no matter how perfectly I tried to center it, the system just wouldn’t take it. Other people have reported similar problems. I’m guessing there are a bunch of frustrated people trying right now to find dogs who look like them and feeling the burn of Doggelganger rejection.  Let’s hope that they fix those bugs before bringing it to the States. Thousands of sad puppy eyes are counting on it.

(Via The Hairpin)