A new Dominos pizza ad campaign is proving “controversial” for its use of rape innuendo via the phrase “no is the new yes.” Here’s one of the ads:

As you can see, Dominos has constructed a clever pizza/rape double entendre to imply that they are going to rape you…with flavor! You are going to take these pizza toppings whether you want them or not, little girl, and you are going to like it!

Did they think all us girls were going to be like “Haha, oh shit, for a second there I thought you were going to rape me with non-consensual sex, but now that I see it is only pizza, I am so relieved. Being relieved makes me hungry. I will take five large pies, please. Surprise me! I hate having a say about what goes in my body!” Because if there’s one thing I like with my pizza, it’s a reminder that I always have to worry if some guy is going to violate my bodily autonomy, and that much of society thinks that’s cute and funny.

Just kidding, I do not like that at all and this ad is some stupid bullshit. I’d say they were doing it to stir up controversy, but I’m not even sure they’re that tricky. I think it’s more likely that they have resurrected some zombie Don Drapers from the year 1960 and let them put whatever they want on the pizza boxes, because that sounds like a more rational explanation to me than “it’s the year 2012, and people still think this is okay.”

(Via HuffPost)