As you are no doubt aware, the Republican National Convention is taking place right now in hurricane-torn Tampa, Florida. That means a lot of red power suits with red raincoats, plenty of helmet head hair, a pearl or two, and of course, elephant accessories. Such as this one:

Or this one:

So my question is, regardless of how you feel about the party itself, how do you feel about accessorizing with party symbols? I’ll be honest with you, I feel pretty judgmental about it. It’s basically the same thing as wearing holiday-themed earrings and a reindeer sweater. Like, you’re already at the convention. You don’t need to convince anyone that you’re there by pinning an elephant on your blouse. It’s the political equivalent of wearing a band’s t-shirt to see the band play. Don’t be that guy.

How do you feel?

Image of ring by Jae C. Hong / AP via Buzzfeed, Image of pin via