In the wake of today’s “not guilty” verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, many people tweeted some moderately dumb things. There was a lot of competition for the title, but the dumbest tweet of all was written by some poor intern over at pastry company Entenmann’s, who seemed to have no clue what was going on (or did they???).

The following tweet was posted earlier today, to various cries of “LOL WUT?” and “TOO SOON”:

Was Entenmann’s trying out an “edgy” new look wherein the deaths of innocent children were fair game for observational dessert humor? Quick, someone get Gavin McInnes on this account before he’s snapped up by Hostess!

Thankfully, this was not how they meant it. Apparently, the geniuses at Entenmann’s were too busy huffing powdered sugar and figuring out which chemicals would make their “soft baked” cookies dissolve even more strangely in your mouth to bother reading the news today, and took the “#notguilty” trending topic completely out of context. They quickly deleted the original tweet, and put up a couple of apologies in its place:

And thus, Entenmann’s’ career as the Odd Future of the pre-packaged pastry world was over before it began. Now, everyone breathe a sigh of relief and have a cookie. But not an Entenmann’s one, because they are gross.

UPDATE: And now there’s a joke twitter called Entenmann’s PR. God bless the Internet.