etsy fails

There’s absolutely no shortage of items to buy commemorating Christmas–tree ornaments, decorations, outfits, gifts–the list is endless. If you were hoping to support some small businesses instead of hitting up big box stores for your Christmas miscellany, you’ve probably headed over to Etsy. And while Etsy itself is wonderful, it also gives us a wonderful array or holiday-themed Etsy fails. Merry Christmas!

The beauty of these particular Etsy disasters is how they deftly straddle the line between creepy and adorable. Sure, snowmen and babies are usually cute little bundles of Christmas snugs, but something about these guys really turns my stomach. It’s like they’re this close to being sweet, nostalgia-filled items perfect for the holidays, but then they go off the rails a little bit and end up making me fear for my life.

The creepiest Christmas item I ever got my hands on was a custom photo deal wherein you put your family’s faces onto the heads of snowmen, who all embraced. Due to the unfortunate placement of snowman arms and less that carefully rendered red scarves, it looked more like a series of snowmen with human faces beheading each other than a fond family portrait.

Photo: Etsy