DJ Pauly D of “Jersey Shore” is finally getting his — MTV announced today that he’s filmed his own spinoff.

According to Entertainment Weekly, which broke the news:

“He’s distinguished himself onscreen as the fun-loving, well-coiffed, and dependable guy you can’t help but want to hang out with. We know viewers are curious about his life away from the shore and we look forward to exploring new possibilities around that,” [said Executive Vice President of Programming and Head of Productions at MTV Chris Linn].

It makes sense, given the efforts he put in last season to be more of a personality. My guess is that he saw The Situation and Snooki soar to fame and didn’t want to be left behind — hence the extra efforts to sing the T-shirt time song more often, cement his status as the fun-loving (albeit incredibly childish) guy in the house, and be a extra-crazy out at the club.

Either way, I’m never going to be mad at more “Jersey Shore.” I’m not totally convinced that Mr. D can pull off his own series — after all, the T-shirt time song thing got old pretty fast, and that seemed to be the best trick that he had up his sleeve — but I’ll still watch. Oh yes, I’ll watch.