The Food Network has created a new show called Food Feud, which stars The Next Iron Chef winner, Chef Michael Symon.

After passing Eileen’s Special Cheescake, located in SoHo, I read a sign, “Food Network Food Feud Filming July 19th and 20th.” Since I am a Food Network junkie, I was surprised that I did not know about this show. I went on their website to search for some information, but was unable to find anything. In fact, there isn’t much about the show anywhere.

I arrived at Eileen’s at the beginning of the shoot (the sign read that it would begin at 5pm), but was surprised to hear that the filming was nearly finished. After asking the producer what the rest of the shoot was looking like, she responded, “we’re done here, but if you stick around you’ll probably be able to get a photo with Mr. Symon.” I was a little disappointed, but still managed to snap a few pictures while enjoying some delicious cherry cheesecake.[ITPGallery]