carnevaleIt seems that Facebook is obsolete these days aside from announcing engagements, the subsequent wedding photos, cute baby pictures, and from the younger set, people studying abroad. I actually don’t mind scrolling through abroad albums because I obviously find every other country more interesting than my own, and it also brings back amazing memories of my own semester abroad. But after you’ve clicked through twenty albums with titles like “PEACE OUT AMERICA!” you start to see some patterns. If you studied abroad, did an exchange program, or otherwise spent time traipsing around Europe, you probably took these photos.

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1. Majestic Shot Of The Colosseum

the colosseum

It’s just one of those things you have to do.

2. Standing In Front Of A Classic Work Of Art As If You Painted It

classic study abroad photos

We’re all so proud.

3. Your Feet On Ancient Tile

your feet on ancient titleStill one of my favorite shots.

4. Posing With Alcohol Because Hey I’m Legal Here!im too young to drink in my home country but i can drink in franceLook, mom! I’m drinking this and you can’t stop me!

5. Jumping On A Foreign Beach

jumping on a beach in sicilyNot to be confused with your average “jumping on a beach” profile picture that everyone has, because this one is in Sicily.

6. Obligatory Posing In Front Of The Eiffel Tower

the ta da shot

Ta da!

7. Obligatory Eiffel Tower At Night Shot

eiffel tower at nightMy caption for this was literally “Had to.” The creativity is overwhelming.

8. Dramatic European City Rooftop Shot


Just to rub it in that you’re somewhere way more awesome than your friends back on your college campus. Real nice.

9. The All-Important Carnevale Mask Group Shot 


Which is your favorite? We must know.

10. Gelato. 309706_10200390947565624_1806288431_nTaking photos of our gelato is somehow impossible to resist.

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11. The OG Cinderella Castle

the disney castleAlso known as Neuschwanstein. And I spelled that correctly on the first try so I’ve accomplished all I need to for today.

12. A Baller Sunset


Because even sunsets are better here!

13. Posing In Front Of This Exact Telephone Booth With Big Ben In The Background

london telephone boothSeriously, there is always a line of tourists at this one booth. Everyone knows it’s the best shot.

14. Recreating Winning London

winning london peter panI guess some people might recreate the Abbey Road cover while in London, but personally, I chose a Mary Kate and Ashley classic instead. I had to see Lord James Browning’s favorite spot in the whole of London!

15. Food Market Shot

la boqueria barcelonaBiddies just love taking pictures of European markets. This one is La Boqueria in Spain, but these shots abound everywhere.

16. The “I’m On A Boat”

boat greeceBut like, a European boat. 

17. Leaning On The Lourve

lourve stepping onI actually have no idea why this is a thing, but I did it anyway.

18. Cheers-ing With Something Awesome In The Background


In this case, the Acropolis.


pizzaFor me, that meant pizza. Every day.

What classic study abroad shots did I miss?? Leave amusing comments!