Halloween is such a quandary for parents! You want your kids to be unique, and yet you also don’t want them to cause pearl-clutching. Plus, so many costumes are just the same-oh same-oh, and do we really need to see yet another Disney princess flouncing around the neighborhood begging for treats? Yawn. I’ve got the solution for you, with 13 totally unique and fun Halloween costumes for your own little style icon.

Anna Wintour 


Oh Happy Day is just the best, and what could be more hilarious than sending your little girl out dressed as Anna to go door to door begging for M&M’s?

Breakfast At Tiffany’s Baby 


 Nightmare Before Christmas Baby 



This isn’t fashion per se, but it’s a baby! IN A SUIT! Dressed like Jack Skellington! Good enough for me.

Cruella Baby 



I love the cigarette holder.

Chanel Bag Baby 



Grace Conndington Baby 

HMH-Little-Fashion-Icons-REV5Another amazing image from Oh Happy Day. I can’t even.

Prince Baby 

99dd5384066a755631d68eed9f6f60d2Cutest ever.

Frida Kahlo Baby 


Her eyebrows are killing me.

Birkin Bag Baby

150589181259806171_bRw9oIgS_cI don’t know who started this trend of dressing babies up as couture purses, but I love it.

 Another Chanel Bag Costume


 André Leon Talley Baby


Basically, Oh Happy day has won Halloween.

 Bowie Baby 



Marie Antoinette Baby 


This is the costume I got for my own kid this year.

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(Images: Pinterest, Oh Happy Day)