feminism stock photos lol

For all the people out there wondering what the point of feminism is, I finally have a perfect, articulate answer. But I did not think of it myself — it was given to me. Nay, bestowed. The point of feminism, my friends, is to make men into itsy bitsy creatures so we can yell, “Honey! I shrunk the male gender!” Yes, friends, we simply want to create a gendered Gulliver’s Travels forever.

The answer came to me in the form of stock photos. As you may have noticed, I thoroughly enjoy rifling through Shutterstock and the like for ridiculous theme posts. Corny, hokey posed photos are my favorite thing next to cats and avocado. These feminism stock photos, for example, are hilarious because they illustrate the actual belief that many folks possess: women are only feminists in an attempt to destroy men and to because we believe we are superior, somehow neglecting the actual intent, which is equality for all genders. Never mind the fact that we would really just appreciate receiving equal pay, not getting harassed, ending sexual violence as a whole, dominion over our own bodies and a few other things.

But conspiracy theories are so much more fun! So, let’s countdown to the MRAs showing up because they think this post is ~*super srs*~ and they need something to protest today on the Internet. 5…4…*SUBLIMINALMESSAGE:WOMEN>MEN*…3…2…*ALSO:CATS>DOGS*~…

Photos: Shutterstock[ITPGallery]