Coco de Mer is selling a new brand of Smartball, which is used to strengthen your PC muscles in a discreet way — as in, you could be sitting at your desk with one of these tucked up in your vag and working your Kegels even as you take a conference call. Multi-tasking, ladies.

This one is of particular interest because it’s “ergonomically formed,” although it’s unclear whether that means ergonomic for your ‘gi or for your wrist as you insert the little guy. At any rate, these are being marketed as good for beginners, which I imagine to be the case because there’s only one ball, rather than the typical two that you often see with smartballs. The website adds that these are good for women with a tilted or dropped uterus. Way to think of everyone, Coco!

I also do like the idea of getting this kind of work in whilst also doing something else, a) because it’s kind of hot in a weird way, and b) because I hate kegels and this would allow me to do it while distracting me with a fun new toy. Kind of like watching Bravo while running on the treadmill.