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Girls want to put their best hair forward everyday. But sometimes, the hair gods are not on our side. And nothing puts us in a worse mood than a bad hair day.

If you can relate to any of the following situations, we have a solution for you!

1. Weather
There are lot of things we can control, but weather is not one of them. Don’t even try to talk to us when humidity happens. Or even worse, rain. There’s nothing more frustrating than the days you can’t control unplanned frizz happening to your hair.

2. Too Many Tools
If you’ve gone to work on your hair this week, it may repay you in the form of leaving you with dry and damaged hair by Friday. And before you know it, you find more hair in your drain than on your head. Talk about getting your weekend off to a bad start.

3. Flatter Than The Sahara Desert
You woke up hoping for volume and body but it didn’t happen. Any girl with straight, fine hair has researched all of the easy fixes to get that extra bounce, such as sleeping with a braid in. It’s hard to swallow leaving the house with volume-less tresses.

4. Sleep VS. Suds
We’ve all been there. You’ve had a busy week and opted for the extra hours of sleep rather than washing your hair. As soon as you start getting ready for the day, you regret your decision but it’s too late – you have places to be.

5. Split Ends For Days
A haircut appointment has been in your pocket datebook for weeks but it’s the easiest thing to put off on your larger than life to-do list. You’re split ends are now so apparent that your friends are commenting on them.

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