Do you ever wish you could keep your white magnolias in a still-beating human heart? You could stick them in the severed ventricles so it looked like the heart was pumping flowers, see? The perfect accent to your vintage kitchen table, which is a coffin.

Now, I realize that’s not terribly advisable for anyone who’s not a vampire (or maybe a Frankenstein), but the creative people at Veneri Design Studio have come up with the next best thing. Via the vase’s “buy me” copy:

Flower Pump is inspired by the muscle of love,
…every artery leads straight to the heart ….

How poetic! I love the evocative use of ellipses.

Like a real heart, the vase is made of “strong and flexible material” and comes in black, white, red, and indigo. You can also get a heart of glass(!), or one of stainless steel. As a former Goth-on-the-outside and eternal Goth-at-heart, I am unable to not want this.