Are you on Pinterest? Good, because so are we. Follow us right here — because we have been seriously pinning. And now, we want to share all these amazing pins with you.

We’re pinning pics of our favorite fashion looks, Retro Snaps and pretty much anything that has to do with Karl Lagerfeld, naturally. You can see it all by following our Pinterest boards. We’ll be updating our boards daily so following us will ensure that you’ll get to see the glossiest pics of the day.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows you to manage and save images and videos you find while surfing the Web.If you want to organize all your virtual designer handbags (because you know what we think of you if you have them in real life), just create a “Handbag Porn” board on your Pinterest account and start “pinning”. It’s like window shopping, without all the unnecessary walking. And without spending any money, because it’s free.

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