I lied, it’s also about steamed vegetables.

In response to a question about “who he really is” Alber Elbaz told InStyle (print) that “my life, for example, is about steamed vegetables and the Pizza Hut.” That’s something some people might respond to by saying “what about family and friends?” But  I just say “I think Albert Elbaz is the dog’s tuxedo.”Because he knows himself.

Anyhow, I am now obsessed with trying to figure out if Alber Elbaz is the only person who likes Pizza Hut. I think he might be. I asked around the office (screamed “who likes Pizza Hut!?”) and got a lot of comments like “well, I would rather eat real pizza, given an option.” God, our office is just filled to the brim with snots who eat pizza with wheat dough. Wheat dough.

But Alber Elbaz is a stylish man! The designer for Lanvin! A man who can have any kind of pizza he wants! But he chooses Pizza Hut. So.  Now that’s we’ve determined that Pizza Hut is the best, that brings us to question number 2: what kind of pizza does Alber Elbaz order? I see him a pepperoni person.