Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Comments Roundup! Here’s what our Gloss readers have been saying this week:

Erin: This is such a weird turn of phrase. I have officially never heard this expression before. When I first saw the post I was definitely like “So what if I want to drink a beer in the shower (sub glass of wine in the tub as needed) that doesn’t make me an alcholic dammit!” and then I actually read it. Oops. (Are You a ‘Shower Alcoholic’?)

Eileen: I actually think it’s weirder to wear your own initial. I mean, think about it…you need to remind people of your name? (Would You Wear Your Boyfriend’s Initial On Your Neck?)

Renae: I love it, but for around $30 I could swing by WalMart and Home Depot, than pay someone $20 to weld a chain to a mirror. (Design: Chain Link Mirror)

colette: OK- I have a story about this: I used to live down the street from this crazy old lady and when she died- I shit you not- she left her house to her DOGS. The humane society had to stop by every day to feed/ excersize them, and they just lived in the delapidated house, with all the furniture and everything, for like 2 more years. (Luxury Bads: Totally Unnecessary (And Expensive) Products for Dogs)

Lisa: Also, the paper eyelashes look like little moustaches! :<) (Gallery: World’s Weirdest Eyelashes)

Kelly: I would tell you how much I like this article but I don’t want to share feelings and have you get attached, you’re so needy like that. I think we’re done here. (How To Use Him For Sex)

Shae: …was she out of Easy Mac? (Eating Soap Is Not Fashionable)

Lexie: What, exactly, is that material? Because it bears a resemblance to how my egg-crate mattress looked after it had been folded up for a summer in storage. (Fashion Disasters: Kim Kardashian Stepped Out For Silly Bandz)

Melissa: Can you say “job opening?” (Model Marisa Miller Has No Arm)

Yep, and you could hold the cupcake skirt up to your face and inhale the plastic sweetness, then take it away and rasp “Baby wants to fuck” a la Blue Velvet.

Being 8 was fun. Being 8 with parents who didn’t care about movie ratings was more fun.
(Do You Remember: Cupcake Dolls)

Gimmy: These jeans actually make me cry a little inside, because even as a girl I have sympathy for that guy’s junk. (How Would You Feel About Your Boyfriend Wearing Super Skinny Jeans?)

Let’s just make it so everyone’s IQ must be tested and anyone with an IQ below 100 cannot breed. That way we can prevent the movie “Idiocracy” from coming true.

While the government is at it, let’s make sure that everyone’s partner isn’t just using him/her for gratification and rent and won’t eventually leave him/her hurt and confused.

Also drunk and angry and feeling like they want to barf and run her over with my car. That bitch.
(Should This Mentally Retarded Man Be Allowed to Have Sex?)

Keisha: My boyfriend steals mine all the time. The only time I have a problem with it is when I want to wear them. (How Would You Feel About Your Boyfriend Wearing Super Skinny Jeans?)

Ellen W: Everytime I see something on this I remember that when I saw a reference to “Lady Gaga’s Vogue cover” I thought it meant the song and my heart nearly stopped from the wrongness. But this is super-fun. (Under Cover: Lady Gaga’s American ‘Vogue’ Is Here!)