Fact: Gloss readers are awesome. In fact, you guys are so awesome that we’ve decided to honor your awesomeness by highlighting your witty and insightful comments! Though we can’t include every one of you in a single post, we thought we’d bring to your attention some of the things you guys have been saying this week. Here are a handful of our favorites:

G: Clothing. That alone will make me stand out. Bazinga. (What Would You Wear To A Strip Club?)

Shae: Haven’t you heard? Pegging your boyfriend is totally in this spring. It’s good that we have the Gap to tell us that. (The Gap Really Needs to Rethink Their Jean Names)

because, on a boat, the red light always goes on the left hand side of the boat showing port side, and the green light always goes on the right side showing starboard side.
That way you can see if a boat is approaching you or not in times when you can only see the lights.
and here she has worn the shoes red on left, and green on right.
like a boat
(Helen Bonham Carter Defends Her Right To Dress Like a Crazy Person)

Mary: Our dog, who is in love with my husband, gets very upset when we start getting it on. She gives me a rude look, then sighs heavily before leaving. I don’t particularly care if she sees or not, but she thinks it’s gross. (Poll: Have You Had Sex With Your Pet In The Room?)

Not. At. All.
Thank GOD. I don’t want to imagine my quiet, kind of creepy, balding neighbor driving to an S&M club. He DOES have two cars. The ugly one must be for the club so no one realizes it’s him.
(Random Photo: How Freaky Is Your State?)

Wait, breast cancer again? The one I got was for women’s heart health.

1. February 4, 2011 is National Wear Red Day to promote Heart Health for Women. I hope that you will consider wearing red that day, even a scarf or mittens, to show your support.
2. We have posted secret messages as our Facebook status about the color of our bras, underwear and also about where we store our purses.
3. I am proposing that on February 4, 2011, your Facebook status be a word or phrase that describes your heart. Finish your status with the phrase “…and it’s RED!” It can be anything…some examples: It’s full of love…and it’s RED!…It’s huge…and it’s RED!…It’s broken, but mending…and it’s RED!…you get the idea.

I might wear a red shirt tomorrow if I have a clean one that’s flattering, but this is almost as stupid as the drinking one.
(New Facebook ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ Campaign Just as Irritating as The Others)

Erin: did your workshop address the plight of the flat-chested female??
(How to Make Your Own Pasties)

Now she’s not a princess but i think the only healthy-ish relationship could be kim possible and her nerdy sidekick, what’s his face. kim finally realized he was pretty cool and sweet, or something at the end. and it ended like every teen movie, her true love was her best friend but didn’t realize til his ass was almost killed by an evil blue guy. wait thats not how teen movies end. scratch the evil blue guy and put she looked at the smile his doofy face and then it was all happily ever after…or at least til prom (i am talking about teen movies…)

that’s not really that healthy either. disney’s messed us up dude.
(Disney Princes Make For Abusive Boyfriends)

Invah: What the hell is wrong with Kiera Knightly?
(Guess Who’ll Be The Face of Tom Ford Womenswear For the Next Six Years)

Daniela: Does this mean we have finally found the elusive fuck face?
(F*#k Face Teacup)