Nail Art Philippines

Calling all spa owners and entrepreneurs!

If you’re interested in owning a nail (and flowers and mobiles and other stuff) printing service (or you’re just obsessed about having colorful nails all the time!), then you guys might be interested in these!

Nail Art Philippines Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Nail Art Printers here in the Philippines. They have three (3) different printers for nail art printing.

The First Generation Nail Art Printer aka Flower Printer.

Nail Art First Gen

This printer model can paint on one (1) fingernail (and toenails, too!) at a time, can also print on mobile phones and specializes on flower printing! It doesn’t come with a monitor, though, so you have to have your own computer.

The Second Generation Nail Art Printer.

Nail Art Second Gen

Basically the same as the First Gen, but instead of printing on one fingernail at a time, it can print on five (5) fingernails at the same time! You also need to have a separate desktop computer since it does not come with it’s own computer.

The Third Generation Nail Art Printer.

Nail Art Third Gen

Same as the Second Gen, but this one is perfect for salon and spa owners since it has it’s own 12″ or 15″ monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. No need to attach it to a computer!

All printers can print up to 3,000 nails using different images, either pre-defined or customized!

For more details, visit Nail Art Philippines.

For interested parties, call +63.918.6619411 /  +63.918.3813371/  +63.915.9800468

Oh, by the way, they ship overseas, too!

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I think it’d be cool to have one of these at home for your personal use! Just choose a pattern, an image or whatever, load and have it printed out! On your nails, your mobile phone .. or flowers, hahhaah :)