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Even if you weren’t a Parks and Rec fan (I’m not judging you if you weren’t, I promise. Okay, maybe a little), you have heard the phrase Galentine’s Day.

February 13th is not just for those single ladies that are out celebrating Valentine’s Day with their BFFs instead of wallowing in pity for being alone. It’s become more than that. It’s about appreciating the friendship between you and your best friends and showing them that love isn’t just romantic, it can be platonic too. This is the freakin’ awesome card my best friend got me this year and it just, in my opinion, adequately celebrates a holiday made up by two best friends. Celebrate friendship, celebrate female empowerment, celebrate two gals being the best of friends and supporting each other and just loving the shit out of one another. It’s what Galentine’s Day is all about, you beautiful tropical fish.

Here are a few kickass Galentine’s Day cards you should totally get for your Galentine.

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Nocturnalpaper on Etsy, $4 


SuttonLong on Etsy, $4


BestPlayEver on Etsy, $5.21


 Jdeluce on Etsy, $5.95


EtherealDesign on Etsy, $5


JulieAnnArt on Etsy, $4.50


MiMyMoDesigns on Etsy, $5