Just now, when trying to write a post about how I regret everything about my first job (especially the getting myself fired part, but also the letting myself be trapped in a job I hated part), I realized something: I don’t actually regret that at all. Sure, I might do things differently if I found myself in that situation today, but it taught me some important lessons that have informed how I’ve led my life since then. (Do you care? Should I write about these awful lessons tomorrow? Just thinking about it now is making my heart speed up.) Sifting through the rest of my life for regrets, I realized I feel much the same way about most of the “regrettable” things I’ve done. With the exception of the times I’ve hurt people other than myself, I regret none of them, because they helped make me the semi-functional adult I am today. Hence, I give you: 14 things I should probably regret, but don’t.[ITPGallery]