As you may know, whoreface harlot Sandra Fluke somehow slutted her way into a marriage proposal from her longtime boyfriend today. (Congrats, kids!) Perhaps enraged that Fluke was not punished for her premarital sex having ways with eternal loneliness, Fox News slut Monica Crowley made what she thought was a funny joke at Fluke’s expense by tweeting: “To a man? ‘Sandra Fluke Announces Engagement'”

That right, folks! In addition to being a slutty slut who wants the government to pay her to have sex with men, Sandra Fluke is a big ol’ lesbian, because she has short hair or something. She is going to hell twice, for two totally opposite but equally bad things!

In response to this lame, homophobic attempt at a joke, various Tweople have been attempting to make lesbian jokes that are equally terrible. Only they’re not actually terrible at all, because they’re being used to mock Crowley’s hamfisted, bigoted, schoolyard attempt at “humor.” Here are some of the best #Crowleyjokes I’ve seen so far. I hope they inspire you to craft some of your own![ITPGallery]