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Now at The Gloss, we’re compiling a list of our favorite Internet videos each day, to distract you for a few minutes in the afternoon. Enjoy!

The Gloss Top Video Pick:

1. Cool Girls Sing “We Are The Champions” (While Fighting Gender Norms)

So Goldie Blox is a line of building toys targeted to girls to get them interested in engineering. You can learn more about the independent toy company at their website, and in the mean time, here is their latest commercial where girls get innovative and challenge the normal routes of “fun” for girls. Also, a Queen soundtrack! Pretty cool all around. (via Upworthy)


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2. Wait, A Lot Of Characters Die On Game Of Thrones?! (Spoilers)

It feels a little outdated considering most of the spoilers here pertain to season 1 and that Gotye song was stuck in everyone’s head last summer, but I’m not complaining. This Game of Thrones parody went viral over the weekend and it mostly reminds me how a) I also get way too attached to fictional characters, and b) drinking wine on the couch while watching TV is my favorite pastime. (via Mashable)


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3. Like Comedy? Watch This.

Well, this is pretty neat! As the above video explains, comedian Tig Notaro (who we have included in video picks before) is looking for venues to perform as part of her tour that will be filmed by Showtime. Want your back porch or office break room be her next stop? You can get more details at tigroadtrip.com. (via A.V. Club)


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4. Is This The Downside To Winning Awards?

It turns out your awards may actually haunt you! This must really be a catch-22 for Helen Mirren because she could probably win an award for this Karlovy Vary International Film Festival trailer (even if that’s not a thing, she’d get one) and her trauma will only continue. (via Jezebel)


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5. A Summer Evening Party, Anyone?

Need a little music to perk you back up for the work week? Ellie Goulding is one of my favorite artists out there right now, and her music video for her single “Burn” captures summer night magic to a T. Only 5 days until Friday!

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