Today is my last day at The Gloss. It’s not you, it’s me. Literally, it would have to be me, because you are not employed here and therefore cannot leave on my behalf, so now I must bid all of you wonderful people a fond farewell. My cat has been apathetically comforting me all morning, as shown in the above photo.

If you aren’t too sick of me yet, here’s where you can find me:

As you can see, College Sam genuinely believed she would have blue hair forever when she made all these social media handles. You can also find me at Good Housekeeping, where I’ll be the new Beauty Web Editor.

I joined The Gloss a few months after my senior year of college, having moved back to the East Coast and in with my parents. Since being hired by (my still-dear friend) Jennifer Wright as the weekend editor back in late summer 2012, I have had:

  • Six apartments
  • Two cross-country moves
  • Five boyfriends
  • Four breakups
  • Five hair colors
  • Two cats (okay, I still have both of them)

I have grown up with and on this site. My first two pieces were “Take It From Me: Don’t Become Bulimic” and “How I Accidentally Worked On A Porn Set” — two very different experiences, but I was given the opportunity to tell both in a place I had loved since coming across it after Googling “male escort story” one fine day in 2012. I would link to pieces of my own, but that feels weird now, for some reason.

During my time at The Gloss, I have taken up hobbies, relapsed and recovered, dated multiple people at the same time and had my heart broken more than once. I am a similar person to who I was when I started working here, but not the same. I am happier, heavier, less grumpy, and way better at using the subway.

One of the most magical things about working for a blog that isn’t massive is that we actually get to know so many of our readers. I love all of you commenters (and dedicated lurkers, too!), and feel so freaking #blessed to have been given the chance to write for you. I have met and befriended some of you, validating my belief that in person, you’re all much cooler than I.

I am so excited to pass the reigns onto whomever is the next editor of The Gloss. Every past and present contributing editor of the site is a wonderful writer and human being, and I feel lucky to have known them all. I know better than anyone that sometimes, there are changes that happen and not everyone agrees with them, but please keep in mind that we (the writers) don’t always have control. And no matter how many negative comments we brush off, sometimes they still really sting, so please, be kind to my remaining team. Even if you’ve always secretly (or not-so-secretly) hated my writing/opinions/face, they are truly excellent women who have real feelings and thoughts worth reading.

Anyway, this has gotten much longer and more self-indulgent than I had intended. I suppose at this point, I’m just putting off saying goodbye. So, you know, bye.