Good news, the Gorillapod now has a magnetic version! Like the original Gorillapod, the Gorillapod Magnetic still has bendable, wrappable legs that you can attach to any pole-like object. But now it can also be attached to any magnetic surface with its “super strong magnetic feet”!

Think of all the awesome photography and videography possibilities! Its going to be so much easier to put a camcorder on top of a car now! Or maybe under the plane, or whatever. You get what I mean.

For now, it is only available for compact cameras and mini camcorders. So if you were planning to attach your dSLR, sorry but you’ll have to wait until they come out with a Gorillapod Magnetic for dSLRs and heavy-duty video cams.

The Gorillapod Magnetic is available in different colors like yellow, blue, green, pink, red, orange and white, aside from the original boring gray.

Where to buy: Joby

[ Image courtesy of Joby ]

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