I’m not a big fan of cordless phones but these Grand Cordless Phone are cuuuuute! I love, love, LOVE their colors, their design and how totally cool it would look in my room!

Back in the day, I used to own a cordless phone. But I found it a real hassle that I have to place it back on the dock to charge when I’m not using it.  I usually forget so I end up getting my phone calls get cut off since I run out of batteries in the middle of calls.

I’m really unlucky with cordless phone batteries, too. It’s either I was a heavy phone user back then, or I bought cordless phones with defective batteries! The batteries just run out so fast! So because of that, I really have no love lost for cordless phones.

But, ah, these phones from PBTeens are so darn adorable I might reconsider using a cordless phone again. Especially now since there seem to be a jungle of wires in my room, haha!

Grand Cordless Phone Features:

  • Caller ID (depending on your telecom provider)
  • Push button dialling
  • Handset pager
  • Directory that holds up to 10 names and numbers

You can have the phone personalized too, including the fonts and the colors (pink, green, blue and lavander).

Where to buy: PBTeen

[ Image courtesy of PBTeen ]

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