A recent oil spill in New Zealand has spelled doom for many of the aquatic birds who make their home in and around the coast there. Fortunately for them, a bunch of people have pitched in to knit them little sweaters(!) that will keep them alive until they get cleaned. Apparently, the sweaters serve the double duty of keeping them warm and preventing them from ingesting poison as they peck at their oily little bodies. And as an added bonus, of course, they look extremely adorable.

New Zealand yarn store Skeinz has spearheaded the effort, posting patterns and directions as to where to send the sweaters once they’re finished. According to a blog post the store put up earlier this week, they’ve already reached a “critical mass” of colorful, pom pom adorned donations. If only all ecological disasters could be this cute. We would fix the world in no time.

Here are some more pictures of penguins in sweaters:

Happy Friday.

(Via TheFrisky)