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Princess Caroline, who is both Princess of Monaco and Princess of Hanover, celebrates her 50th birthday today, January 23. The daughter of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace (Kelly) turned 50. The photo above is her as a newborn with her mother.

Here are more photos taken throughout her life, which has been touched by both “glamour and tragedy”:

With her father, mother, brother Albert and younger sister Stephanie:

Princess Caroline 2

During the 25th year of Prince Rainier’s reign in 1974:

Princess Caroline 3

A 19-year-old Prince Caroline:

Princess Caroline 4

Her wedding to businessman Philippe Junot on June 28, 1978. She was 21; they divorced 2 years later.

Princess Caroline 5

At her mother’s funeral in 1982. Princess Grace died tragically in a car crash:

Princess Caroline 6

Princess Caroline married Italian Stefano Casiraghi on December 29, 1983. They had 3 children: Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre. Stefano died on October 30, 1990 in a speedboat accident. After his death, Princess Caroline retreated from public life.

Princess Caroline 7

The Princess left Monaco and raised her three children in France. They return to their former home on official occasions such as Monaco’s national day:

Princess Caroline 8

Princess Caroline married Prince Ernst of Hanover in January 1999. The marriage made her a Princess of Hanover, addressed as Her Royal Highness, instead of the previous Her Serene Highness. The couple have a daughter, Alexandra.

Princess Caroline 9

More recent photos of the Princess, with her daughters Charlotte and Alexandra:

Princess Caroline 10

Princess Caroline 11

Happy birthday, Princess Caroline!

via Hello! (photos by AFP, Getty, Rex)

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