The Gloss is really excited to be participating in the 31 Bloggers, 1 Little Black Dress event. You can learn all about it here. Basically it just means that 31 bloggers are getting the same black dress from Ann Taylor. Everyone is encouraged to style it and take a picture of it somewhere in their hometown.

Now, obviously, if we want this kind of bribery to continue (watch out Derek Blasberg), we have to make sure that ours is the best. picture. ever.

I’m already out trying to find Karl Lagerfeld appliques to stitch onto the dress to style it, but we’re not really sure where the best location in New York to photograph it is. The LBD organizers suggested the Empire State building, and some people in the office say that is clearly the best pick. I suggest that this is kind of a lame New York location that I’ve never actually been to. But I could go there, I guess. Do you have a favorite place in New York? I’m including a few of mine on the poll below, some of which seem pretty recognizable, and some of which are just some of my favorite places. If you have any thoughts, we’d really love your input!

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